Albania – Netherlands relations
Map indicating locations of Albania and Netherlands

Albania – Netherlands relations are the international relations between Albania and the Netherlands. The early recognition of, and intervention by, the Netherlands may have helped secure the independence of Albania after World War I.[dubious ]

Embassies and consulatesEdit

Albania maintains an embassy in the Hague.[1] The Netherlands maintains an embassy in Tirana.[2]


File:Hendrik Reimers captured by Albanian forces (Juni 1914).jpg

In 1913-1914 Netherlands deployed military personnel to help set up the gendarmerie of the Provisional Government of Albania.[3]

In 1946, Holland called upon the United Nations Security Council to bring to a halt incidents along the northern border of Greece, involving the Socialist People's Republic of Albania, Yugoslavia, Greece and Bulgaria.[4]

The Socialist People's Republic of Albania started their diplomatic relations with the Netherlands, and eight other Western European countries, in 1970.[5]


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