Macedonia–Indonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia established relations with Macedonia on 25 May 1993 and was the 8th country to establish relations with Macedonia at that time following Macedonia's independence from Yugoslavia.[1]

The political relations show a positive development and good cooperation at bilateral and multilateral level.[2]

Indonesia is also one of 127[3] countries worldwide, which have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name.[4]

Trade Edit

In 2007, calls were made to further economic cooperation between the two governments[5] and in March 2008, Indonesia's ambassador declared that Macedonia was an excellent destination for Indonesian-made products. In 2007-2008, trade exchanged totaled 135 million USD, mostly through Macedonian imports on Indonesian nickel.[6]

Bilateral agreements Edit

On September 28, 2007 Indonesia and Macedonia signed an Agreement on Mutual Exemption of Visa Requirements for Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passports. As of 2007, Indonesia and Macedonia were in talks to enter two bilateral treaties: the Agreement on Promoting and Protection for Investment, and the Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation.[7]

State visits Edit

In 2005, Indonesian President’s Special Envoy, Ambassador Nana Sutresna made an official visit to Skopje. In March 2007, Indonesian Ambassador to Macedonia, Mangasi Sihombing made his presentation of letter of credents. And in June 2007 State Secretary Igor Ilievski visited Jakarta for a Bilateral Consultation meeting.[8]

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