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The Republic of Macedonia and the United Arab Emirates enjoy very good and friendly relations.[1]


Macedonia became an independent sovereign state in 1991. When it was about to become a member of the United Nations, the United Arab Emirates were one of the countries of the Arab World which gave support to Macedonia's membership in the organization.[1]

The UAE are also one of 127[2] countries recognizing the constitutional name of Macedonia.[1][3] The United Arab Emirates have a clear position concerning the Macedonian name issue, always using the constitutional name Republic of Macedonia.[1]

The UAE very much appreciates Macedonia's role and support concerning the peace process in the Middle East.[1] Also, the United Arab Emirates attach great importance to the region of Southeastern Europe.[1]

The two states have the same position on the independence of Kosovo and the nuclear program of Iran.[3] They also share the same positions concerning renewable energies, supporting the policies of international attention for the problems and challenges of renewable energy.[1]

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